Meet the Illustrators

 Linda Catchlove

Born in Australia in 1969, I grew up in various
places in both Australia and New Zealand, but
called Adelaide home.  I spent much of my
childhood drawing, and from an early age knew
I wanted to be an artist of some pursued art all
through school to a tertiary level.

After studying Graphic Design and Advertising, and working for
a short time in the industry, I was fortunate to secure a position
at the Walt Disney Animation Studios in Sydney, Australia.  This
was a dream come true as I had always been fascinated in animation. 
I spent a great 10 years at Disney and during that time I worked on projects
such as “Lion King 2”, “Peter Pan 2”, and “The Goofy Movie”.   Disney was a
place filled with incredible talent, imagination, and wonderful friends... a real
inspiration for a young artist.  My main role at Disney was ‘Clean-up Character-
Lead / Supervisor’....(i.e. doing the final key drawings for scenes), and it was this
role that really helped me with my character drawing.
In 2000 I needed a change of scene, and due to a love of nature, plants and
gardening, I decided to study Horticulture.  At the same time I studied Botanic Art to further develop my skills with watercolours.  This was a turning point in my career as
an artist.  This style of painting and the subject matter became my passion.  Both of these interests have led me to where I am today.
am now a Botanic Artist and Illustrator using watercolours as my medium
and most often than not, a tiny ‘00’ brush to paint with.  Watercolours really
are a beautifully sensitive medium to work with and I just love their translucency.

Australian native plants, insects and of course my little faerie folk
are my favourite subjects to paint.  Most of my paintings have
a combination of all three of these.

I’ve a real fascination in nature ‘close up’ and am attracted by the design,
character, intricate detail, textures and colours of the subjects that I paint.
Because these features are of such interest to me, I strive to capture them as
accurately as I can in my work.....resulting in many, many hours of delicate
brush strokes.

One of my first botanical paintings was of a Banksia, and
since then the Banksia species have become my most favourite
plant subjects.  I find these plants incredibly beautiful, interesting and
just oozing with character...., especially the seed pods.  Hakeas are another
species of Australian native plant with seed pods that are equally fascinating
and stunning to paint and my faerie folk are always in my head eager to make
an appearance on one of my plant specimens.  They are busy naturalist type
beings, nurturing, mischievous and living in harmony with their surrounding
flora & fauna.  They’re lots of fun!

I draw from live specimens where possible, and often go out in the field collecting
them and taking photos.  I’m particularly thrilled when I discover insects on these plants as they are also an integral part of my work, and are speedily photographed for my reference.  These expeditions are ‘seventh heaven’ for me.

I live in Adelaide, Australia, and have a studio where my ‘ever supportive’ family and friends can always find me hard at work.  They very well appreciate, sometimes sufferingly so, there are a life’s worth of paintings yet to come. 
(They do understand ... really they do!)


 Anita Bownds

 my style is cute/cartoon
 i enjoy Drawing and doodling when ever i can
I live in sunny queensland Australia with my 3 beautiful girls Melissa (15) Kara (10) Eve (7) and an awesome hubby
 i absolutely loved art class at school my fav subject...

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